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Girl Scouts


Girl Scouts of Metro Atlanta at Arlington Christian School, Troop 3802

At Girl Scouts, you’re going to have tons of fun,
make new friends, and go on fantastic new adventures.
        You’re also going to get the chance to do big things. Our program centers on something
called the Girl Scout Leadership Experience—a collection of activities
and experiences  you’ll have as you earn badges, sell cookies, go on exciting trips,
explore the outdoors, do Take Action projects that make a difference, and more.

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Join Arlington's Girl Scouts today!

For girls totally new to Girl Scouts, register for 18-months of Girl Scouting for only $35!

The price includes membership for the remainder of the current membership year as

well as all of next year.


Results are reviewed by the Needs-Based Financial Assistance committee who make

recommendations based on Arlington’s budgeting requirements.


Award notifications (or denials) will be provided confidentially to each applicant. You

should expect to receive assistance in an amount up to, but not exceeding 25% of the

cost of tuition.

To become a new member of Girl Scouts, renew your membership, request for financial assistance or seek more information, please visit our website here

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