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Upcoming Events & Parent Reminders

Weekly School Announcements

Parent Reminders

Signed Scholar Policy documents 
 Please make sure you have turned in your signed documents to your homeroom teacher: Syllabus, Cell phone policy and Dress Code policy, no later than Monday, Aug 22nd . Starting on Monday, if an infraction occurs, the appropriate consequence will be given.  Please refer to the attached policies for clarity.  

Middle School Scholar Drop-Off Locations
 Parents, please drop off all Middle School scholars in the back High School door entrance in the back parking lot area.  Elementary scholars will only use the front door entrance.


Drop Off, Pick-Up & Tardies
 Drop off begins at 7:30 am. Elementary and MS scholars should be dropped off near the front door area.  


Please move up your vehicle carefully but expediently so others can drop off their scholars and head to work.  


HS scholars' drop off is in the back parking lot near the big glass area by the gym. Please stay in the car pool line and practice safety and courtesy! 

 School starts at 8:00 am. All scholars should be in their homerooms before 8 am or tardies will be recorded. We will follow the tardy and absences policy in the handbook.
 Dismissal for elementary school is 3:00
 Dismissal for middle and high school is 3:15
 All scholars should be picked up by 3:30 unless they are in the aftercare program or have practice.
 If any students are still on campus at 3:30, they will be sent to wait with a teacher. If they are not picked up by 3:45 and then that teacher is having to stay past their contracted hours and there will be an automatic charge of $20 added to your bill in Renweb. We are allowing a 2 weeks grace period so bills will not start being added until Mon., Aug. 29th

After School Program
 We do have an aftercare program available for our elementary scholars through Daystar

Questions About Schedules, Classes or Activities?

 Please speak directly first with your child's homeroom teacher for any questions around schedules, curriculum, books, uniforms, organizations, sick days, medicine, etc. 

  • COVID-19 School Update
    Due to COVID-19 guidelines and safety measures, health for staff and scholars will be the main priority. As such, please note the following: The first day of school: pushed back to Monday, August 17, 2020. The school has received funds from the CARES ACT fund to provide Arlington with teacher supplies, cleaning supplies, safety/hygiene supplies, and online enrichment curriculums 80-90% of the supplies have been delivered to the school All staff members will be issued face masks, face shields, and ample cleaning products for their classroom/workspace area All rooms have been cleaned, decluttered, and disinfected Masks will be mandatory for all teachers, staff, and scholars (Refer to the posted COVID-19 Plan for temperature checks, when able to remove masks, etc.)
  • On Campus and Digital Learning
    Blended Learning Schedule Based on the results of the Learning Style of Choice Survey, the greatest preference (42%) was for Blended Instruction, which is on campus Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and homebased learning (“Digital Days”) on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This is applicable for scholars in all grades. “Digital Days” will be implemented this school year in order to best accommodate all of the learning styles, as well as allow teachers to balance the face-to-face scholars and the online scholars. For example: Monday – Introduce Lesson; Hands on Learning Wednesday – Revisit/Expound on the Lesson; Formative Assessment Assignments (Quizzes; Discussions; Interactive Games, etc.) Thursday - Online Practice/Reinforcement; Online Interactive Activities Friday – Summative Assessment Assignments (Final Tests; Projects; Papers, etc.)
  • School Resources
    Scholar Resources ​ Edgenuity, IXL, and additional online enrichment sources will be used as needed to accompany the BJU curriculum. All scholars will receive an Individualized Learning Plan (ILP) at the beginning of the school year. Technology – 3rd through 12th graders will be assigned individual computers. Books – Parents are purchasing books this year through our curriculum provider, Bob Jones University at (Correspondence with ordering instructions was emailed to parents.)
  • Cleaning & Disenfecting
    Safety Training Faculty and staff have been trained over the summer break. We will follow all school considerations and guiding principles issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). As previously shared, we have put in place a Coronavirus Task Force which encompasses all poignant areas of our school campus. Each task force sub-group is diligently working to familiarize themselves with all pertinent data as we prepare to enter our new school year to incorporate CDC and Georgia Department of Public Health guidelines and instructions. Additionally, we have put together an online contingency plan if schools are instructed to close due to the Coronavirus pandemic in the Fall.
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