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School Calendar!

Please download the 2022-2023 ACS Calendar here

OR view the entire calendar below.

Jan. 4 Students Return
Jan 13 Awards Day
Jan 16 MLK. Holiday
Jan 23-27 Homecoming Week

Feb 17 & 20 Winter Break
Feb 21 TWD/Digital Day
Feb 24 Night of Black Excellence

Mar. 10 Q3 Ends
Mar. 10 Grandparents Day
Mar. 16-18 College Tour Trip
Mar 20 TWD
Mar 21 Digital Day/Conferences
Mar 27 Spring/Class Photos

April 3-7 Spring Break
April 12 Beta Induction

May 9 – 12 Senior Exams
May 14 Senior Baccalaureate 7 pm
May 16-19 MS/HS Exams
May 19 Graduation 7 pm
May 23 Awards Day
May 24 Field Day
May 25 K4/K; 5th Graduation
May 26 – Last Day 1⁄2 Day
May 30-31 Post planning

June 6 Report Cards Mailed


Ordering Textbooks

Text Books
All Class Text Books should be in class by Friday, August 26th.  The steps to order books are as follows:

   How to access the Parent Portal:

  • Step 1: Go to

  • Step 2: Create an account.

  • Step 3: Enter your school’s ID: FHGGK52A

  • Step 4: Choose the appropriate grade level. Note that your school may have selected textbooks that are higher or lower a grade based on which courses they are taking. Please note any instructions your school has posted.

  • Step 5: Enter the quantity of books needed (note that the system will automatically add any
    required student books to your order).

  • Step 6: Add any optional items to your order.

  • Step 7: Proceed to checkout.

Call BJU Press customer service: 800-845-5731.

Watch Your Speed! - Ridge Rd. Speeding Meter

 Please remember that as you drive to our campus, South Fulton County's Speed Meter near the school has a speeding ticketing policy for $150.  



Parent Reminders

Signed Scholar Policy documents 
 Please make sure you have turned in your signed documents to your homeroom teacher: Syllabus, Cell phone policy and Dress Code policy, no later than Monday, Aug 22nd . Starting on Monday, if an infraction occurs, the appropriate consequence will be given.  Please refer to the attached policies for clarity.  

Middle School Scholar Drop-Off Locations
 Parents, please drop off all Middle School scholars in the back High School door entrance in the back parking lot area.  Elementary scholars will only use the front door entrance.


Drop Off, Pick-Up & Tardies
 Drop off begins at 7:30 am. Elementary and MS scholars should be dropped off near the front door area.  


Please move up your vehicle carefully but expediently so others can drop off their scholars and head to work.  


HS scholars' drop off is in the back parking lot near the big glass area by the gym. Please stay in the car pool line and practice safety and courtesy! 

 School starts at 8:00 am. All scholars should be in their homerooms before 8 am or tardies will be recorded. We will follow the tardy and absences policy in the handbook.
 Dismissal for elementary school is 3:00
 Dismissal for middle and high school is 3:15
 All scholars should be picked up by 3:30 unless they are in the aftercare program or have practice.
 If any students are still on campus at 3:30, they will be sent to wait with a teacher. If they are not picked up by 3:45 and then that teacher is having to stay past their contracted hours and there will be an automatic charge of $20 added to your bill in Renweb. We are allowing a 2 weeks grace period so bills will not start being added until Mon., Aug. 29th

After School Program
 We do have an aftercare program available for our elementary scholars through Daystar


Covid Protocols 

  • Scholars MUST return to school with a NEGATIVE PCR COVID TEST! Rapid Tests are unacceptable.  

  • Masks are optional for all faculty, staff, scholars, volunteers & guests unless they have been exposed or exhibiting covid-19 like symptoms. 

  • It is everyone’s responsibility to provide their own mask. Please purchase a box of Masks for your scholar.  

  • All faculty, staff & scholars returning after prolonged breaks such as, Summer break, Thanksgiving break, Christmas break, and/or Spring break must show proof of a negative covid test to return to campus.

  • If a person tested positive for covid they must quarantine until they have a negative test result to return to school.

  • If a person live in a home with a person who has tested positive, they must quarantine for 5 days and have a negative test result to return to school. When they return they must mask for the next 10 days.

  • If you have been exposed to Covid-19 and you are symptom free you may come to school, but you must mask for 10 days and be responsible for bringing your own mask. 

  • Full Covid Testing protocols will be shared during Open House  


Questions About Schedules, Classes or Activities?

 Please speak directly first with your child's homeroom teacher for any questions around schedules, curriculum, books, uniforms, organizations, sick days, medicine, etc. 

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Arlington Christian School is a place where every student has the opportunity to thrive. Check out some pictures from school and school-related events below!

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Don't miss a moment of all the wonderful things that make Arlington the special place that it is. Visit this page weekly for our newsletter, The Eagles' Nest. For editions dated prior to the dates shown, send an email to Amy Wright at

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