We're constantly ensuring we are evaluating the best sources to further advance the academic and emotional success of our scholars.  Please check back regularly as this list is updated.   

Internet Connection & Learning Devices

It is our hope that every Arlington scholar is properly connected prior to the start of our fall academic year.  Each scholar will receive an Arlington email and password prior to the first day of school.  Please reach out to Ms. Paula Towns at if you have concerns or issues with devices or connectivity.

Some important information is listed below:​

  • X-Finity – If you are not connected to Wi-Fi, X-Finity is providing access to out-of-home hotspots.  Please search for one near you, if needed.

  • Comcast – If you are not connected, and would prefer an in-home connection, Comcast is offering two free months if you apply by June 30, and a low rate thereafter.  Please go to the site for details.

Guidance Counseling

Arlington Christian School offers a diverse counseling program for scholars that includes academic, social, emotional, and spiritual counseling. Our focus on our scholars' overall safety, well-being, and success in their academic experience here is our primary concern.  Scholars and parents are welcome to reach out to our guidance counselor to address any immediate need. 

College & Career Guidance

Each year, Arlington hosts a variety of meetings, trainings, and opportunities for scholars and their families to learn more about various college, career, and military guidance options.  

Dual Enrollment

We are excited to offer dual enrollment opportunities to scholars in

grades 10 through 12, thanks to our partnerships with Clayton State

University and Georgia Military College.

Planning for Post High-School

Each year Arlington hosts an annual College Fair & Career Fairs along with individual counseling options for seniors in particular.


College Campus Tours

(404) 755-3535


Our Film and Production Class (also known as TFI ) is led by Chris Donaldson, an American filmmaker / producer / writer born in Philadelphia, PA. In 2001, he became fascinated with the film industry and had the pleasure of meeting and studying under world renowned film director / producer John Singleton. In 2002, he took interest in film and attended school at American Film Institute (AFI), one of the most well-known and respected film schools in the world. 

After graduating, Mr. Donaldson began to soar in the production house circuit, landing jobs as a grip, gaffer, audio tech, boom operator, associate producer, and then graduating to 1AC, 1AD cinematographer and DP. In 2006, Mr. Donaldson landed his first directorial debut project producing several commercials for Sony, Toyota, and Honda.

It is for his unique style of shooting and the attention he gives to details that he is credited with being the network filmmaker. In 2012, he landed a multi-year distribution deal with "The Orchard." This deal assures that all of his movies, records, videos and television series will be distributed, marketed and sold in all major retail stores such as Walmart, Best Buy, Target, FYE, Barnes N Noble, and also shown and sold on digital and online stores such as Netflix, Hulu Plus, iTunes, xfinity, Comcast, COX, CHARTER, Verizon Fios TV, Mediacom and many more. 


Educational Resources


  • E-Read Kids – Library Books (All Grades) – This is a public library program that provides online access to book catalogs. Your scholar needs a library card and a pin. 

    • Note: Scholars without a library card can apply online if needed.  If E-Read Kids is not available with a virtual card, other books will be.


  • Renaissance Learning allows parents to use the platform for free, until further notice. Freckle is adaptive so it is good for all levels of learners.  It has fairly high-level, real-world activities (Inquiry Based Lessons) that might require some parent assistance, but sets this platform apart from others. (Also has ELA, Science, and Social Studies.)

  • Khan Academy – The well-known platform is free and, while it does not have a lot of bells and whistles, is well organized and provides the opportunity for scholars to learn specific topics of their choosing or to sign up for an account that will allow parents and scholars to track progress.