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Learning with Tablets

After School Care


Pastor Carolyn Kelly opened Day-Star Christian Academy in 2004.  Today, the Academy continues to be a dynamic, faith-based childcare center with a strong staff of educators who are impacting the lives of children through excellent educational experiences and sound instruction based on God's word.

About Us

The mission of Day-Star Christian Academy is to help your child reach his/her

maximum potential in their learning and development. The staff and

administration of Day-Star carry a professional and positive attitude towards the

parent and child. Whether infant, toddler, preschooler, or school age, our

curriculum provides lessons that help develop the whole child spiritually,

intellectually, physically, and socially.

Day-Star will serve students from PK4 through 8th grade. A director from

Day-Star will be appointed to oversee the operations of the program and meet

with school principals & administrators once a month (or as needed) to ensure

that the after school program and the school are on one accord.

The After School Program will serve multiple purposes. The program will have a

direct impact that will:

• Provide a fun and safe place for elementary school students during after

   school hours
• Provide positive interaction with caring adult role models
• Encourage and develop life skills, respect for others, and positive social

• Introduce and engage youth in positive, potentially life-long recreational pursuits

• Provide an academic focus with time to complete homework, read, and receive


The program activities will be planned on a monthly calendar and be

theme-based. Proposed activities could include a variety of recreation options

such as:

• Outdoor Skills and Environmental Education Fitness and Exercise
• Field/Outdoor/Indoor Sports
• Field Games
• Performing Arts: Dance, Music, Theater, Chorus/Singing, etc.
• Visual Arts and Crafts
• Leadership Development and Community Service Special
• Field Trips

Emergency & First Aid

Parents will be required to keep “Emergency Information” and “Medical Release for Treatment” forms current. Each of these documents will be kept on site for staff to refer to in the event medical attention is required. If medical attention is needed, staff will make every
effort to contact parents. All program staff will be First Aid/CPR certified.


A nutritious snack and dinner will be provided daily. Some snacks may be part of cooking and nutrition activities. All snacks and meals served will be posted at the school site or available online.


Program activities will generally take place on site. Activity areas may include the cafeteria, gymnasiums, art rooms, and other classrooms as available. Outdoor activities will take place on school playing fields.

Tuition & Fees

  • Registration Fee: $50 non-refundable (Early bird: $25 non-refundable until 8/14/20)

  • After School Care: $65 per week

  • Late Payment Fee: $25

  • Late Pick-up Fee:

  • $1 per min. after 7pm

  • Please contact us for multiple children discounts.

Day-Star Christian Academy
2299 Godby Road, Atlanta, GA 30349


Arrival Procedures & Sick Students

After school personnel will take the temperatures of students before the program begins during check in and again mid-way through the program. Children with a temperature of 100.4 or higher, which is the state’s recommended temperature, will not be allowed to attend the program. Rather, parents will be called immediately and the child will be quarantined in an enclosed space not around others until a parent can pick them up.
The child will be supervised until their parents arrive. Students with high temperatures must be picked up immediately. Parents will need to call the Main Office and the student will be walked out to the car by the director.

Attendance Time

In order to remain compliant with social distancing mandates, children will be placed in assigned seats that maintain a distance of six feet apart; for example, there will be an empty chair or more between each child. The children will still be able to engage in fun activities and conversation and be comfortable during homework time while sitting in assigned seats. Tables and chairs will be cleansed daily.


Snack Time

Children will be called by grade level, starting with K4-Eighth grade, to retrieve their snack. Snacks will either be pre-packaged or prepared by the after school staff wearing gloves. The after school program staff will place all snacks on a sanitized surface, typically a napkin or plate and located on a sanitized table for children to grab and take back to their seats. As children are called to line up to get their snack, they will be
monitored to ensure six feet of distance is maintained between them and others at all times. They will then follow the line to go back to their seats and enjoy their snack.

Free Time (aka Center Time)

Free time, or what we refer to as Center Time, is an uninterrupted, hour-long experience of exploration and discovery where children can engage in activities that interest them. During center time children will be called by grade levels to pick a center they would like to enjoy.There will only be four students at a time allowed at one center. Centers will be sanitized daily and materials sanitized after each use by the after school program staff. More centers may be added or materials rotated or changed throughout the school year as children’s interests develop and/or change.

Centers include:

  • Math/Science/Technology

  • Reading/Writing

  • Art

  • Music

  • Dramatic Play

  • Blocks and Construction/Engineering

  • Games

  • Sports

  • Homework Time

Children will line up to go with the after school group leader to wash hands and prepare for homework time. During this time a second temperature check will be completed before Homework Time begins (see Arrival Procedures & Sick Students above). This time will be designated as a quiet time or quiet zone, which means children with homework will have the opportunity to complete it while other children who do not have
homework will find quiet activities like silent reading to do.


Please note that we are not a homework-based program, but children will have assistance with homework by an after school group leader or director. During homework time children will sit in their assigned seats that are already configured to meet social distancing mandates. We will allow group leaders to work with students in a group of no more than five children with social distancing measures in place. If more than five children need to be grouped a new group will be formed with a different group leader. We will make every effort to place the right staff member in the right group based on their area of expertise and knowledge in
an academic subject.

Meal Time

All children and staff members will wash hands before any meal time. When children return from the restroom washing hands, they will then have a seat in their assigned chair and be called up one by one to retrieve their supper. After all children are served, the staff will engage with students to make sure they are not sharing any food or passing any drinks. Children will clean their hands and faces at the end of meal time and staff members will take children out of the lunch room to begin sanitizing according to our cleaning process (see Cleaning and Disinfecting Practices below). All supper meals will be pre-packaged and served by our after school staff using clean food service gloves for children to enjoy.

Daycare Ownership

Carolyn Kelly

Founder & CEO

Carolyn Kelly is a pastor, evangelist, and teacher of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She is a mother of five (four adult children almost in their forties and a two and a half year old). She has been married for almost 25 years. Her passions are loving people, teaching them about Christ, and discipling them. She has spent almost 20 years in early childcare and loves children.

Calista E. Kelly, PhD

Project Director (Director of Programs)

Calista Kelly has been a part of the Day-Star team for two years and was tasked to support and strengthen its educational programs. She has done every job imaginable in the ECE profession such as the site and project director, ECE lead teacher, bus driver, after school  and summer camp teacher, and more. Prior to a career in early childhood education, Dr. Kelly spent over a decade holding various roles in higher education most notably as a college professor, development officer, and student. She received her PhD in Education in 2016.

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