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On-Campus & On-Line Weekly Schedule
Scholar Schedules & Individual Learning Plans
Additional Learning Updates & Resources

2020 Parent COVID-19 Survey

  • Based on the results of the Learning Style of Choice Survey, the greatest preference (42%) was for Blended Instruction, which is on campus.


On-Campus Schedule 

  • Teaching will take place daily on campus  Mondays through Fridays.

Student Schedules

Student class schedules will be posted, and instructions on how to access the digital learning experience will be provided to parents in a timely manner.

Schedule Example Only,  Teachers will update and provide student scholars each semester.

  • Monday – Introduce Lesson; Hands on Learning

  • Tuesday – Online Practice/Reinforcement; Online Interactive Activities

  • Wednesday – Revisit/Expound on the Lesson; Formative Assessment Assignments (Quizzes; Discussions; Interactive Games, etc.)

  • Thursday - Online Practice/Reinforcement; Online Interactive Activities

  • Friday – Summative Assessment Assignments (Final Tests; Projects; Papers, etc.)

Individual Learning Plans

  • All students will receive an Individualized Learning Plan (ILP) at the beginning of the school year.

Enrichment Resources

  • Edgenuity, IXL, and additional online enrichment sources will be used as needed to accompany the BJU curriculum.

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